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Thermoplastic TPO & PVC

Jay’s Roofing is your preferred choice for delivering, repairing, and installing quality TPO and PVC systems. TPO and PVC roofing systems are synthetic substances that soften when heated and harden when cold. We can install these roofing materials using several high-end installations like fully adhered, point-affixed, or mechanical attachments.

TPO co-polymerized rubber roofing membranes offer flexibility and greater efficiency in cold climates. Like PVC and EPDM, TPO is economical and energy-saving. It also possesses recycling property which makes it environmentally friendly. It is resistant to debris build-up, dust, and dirt. TPO is also resistant to impact change, punctures, and tears.

On the other hand, PVC roof membranes are resistant to chemicals, versatile, and suited for roof-over projects. You can find them in various reinforcements, widths, thicknesses, and colors, making them perfect for your roofing projects. PVC roofing is UV resistant, highly reflective, and is also energy efficient during warmer climates. You can contact Jay’s Roofing today for the installation, repair, and delivery of your TPO or PVC roof.

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