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Roof Maintenance

Our roofing maintenance services are often qualified with the word ”preventative” as this work prevents all sorts of problems down the line.  Roof maintenance is the routine analysis and upkeep of your roof and gutters to prevent damage and ultimately extend its useful life.  Roof maintenance extends well beyond the level of the roof membrane.  Everything from your roof’s gutters to its skylights, coatings, solar panels, light tubes, and beyond will need ongoing maintenance to ensure they function as designed and also in as energy-efficient a manner as possible.  In fact, preventative maintenance might be necessary to ensure the requirements of your roof’s long-term warranty are fully adhered to.

Our roof maintenance service is comprehensive in that it includes a checklist of dozens of items ranging from analysis to identifying areas of deterioration to documenting roof defects, gauging the integrity of roof assembly and beyond.  Once the checklist is complete, our team will custom tailor a recommendation for preventative roof maintenance including an informative written assessment along with suggestions for roof repair/replacement.

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