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Jay’s Roofing and Siding is renowned for providing excellent roof coating solutions to protect and extend your roofing system’s life. With our high-end roof coating solutions, we provide a high reflective roofing surface that may lower your roof’s surface temperature and reduce energy costs. We can also help seal splits and cracks in your roofing surface by applying our highly effective roof coatings. We consider factors such as chemical exposure, the current condition of your roof, UV radiation, high heat, and ponding water when providing roof coating solutions to our clients.


We deliver several roof coatings to clients and utilize them to provide top-quality roof coating solutions. Our clients are guaranteed durability, reliability, and convenience in applying the coating to your roof with silicone roof coatings. You may be able to restore your roof to its watertight state. Silicone roof coatings help to improve roof safety and increase energy efficiency.

Our Acrylic roof coating solution provides a continuous and durable elastomeric membrane over your metal roof surface. It also forms a watertight seal over protrusions, flashings, and vents. You get to enjoy an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient roof coating solution that also provides a highly reflective roofing surface. Acrylic roof coating eliminates leaks and possesses excellent weathering capabilities. Jay’s Roofing and Siding also provides other roof coating solutions with its aluminum coatings that are highly suitable for bitumen-based roofs. We also have copolymer roof coatings that you can use to coat metal and single-ply roofs.

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